Mars direct and the drive towards Winter (part 2)

The last time Mars transited Aries was from early January until mid-February, 2019. Days before Mars’ ingress into Aries, Leo and I commemorated the first anniversary of Dad’s death – or his first birthday in the afterlife, as I like to call it – while camping in the Grand Canyon. We drove there from Vancouver into a rare US Government shut down. We’d only packed enough firewood for a single night’s stay and there was nowhere to buy any more. We listened to NPR Arizona’s Celtic Music (Dad is Scottish), and built a carefully guarded bonfire. After a short and freezing sleep, we woke early and commenced the drive to Flagstaff. Mars was offically entrenched into my 4th House, the House associated with home, roots, and family. The House my own natal Mars in Aries resided.

Rather than the violence, the arguments, the aggression, the division, and the drive for dominance and influence that formed the backbone of my childhood home and wariness of truces, this Mars transit in my 4H awakened me to the alienation created in my soul as a result of that home-style aggression. You are never safe. You are never left without a need to protect yourself. You are never willing to accept defeat, because you will die. People are trying to kill your heart, your spirit, or both.

And what now? What of this long transit of Mars in Aries, this 6 month drive through 2020, asking us all to be warriors, to be wary, to be brave and to cede power every now and then when it’s asked. Our home when the Covid lockdown started, at the same time or near enough the border into the US was closed. And suddenly our home became unbearable.